Media Coverage

January 23, 2017                Yahoo! Finance                           USANA True Health Foundation Donates $2.6 Million in 2016

December 16, 2016           Mission Times Courier               Combating the need in the world

November 29, 2016           CBS 8                                            Giving Tuesday: a day to give back

November 29, 2016           CW6                                              San Diego charity supports special orphanage in Ensenada

November 25, 2016           San Diego Union Tribune          Next week is 'Giving Tuesday' - a chance to do good

October 24, 2016               InterAction                                    An Open Letter to the Next President of the United States

October 13, 2016               PR Newswire                                USANA True Health Foundation Sends $80,000 in Food Supplies to Help Combat                                                                                                                                      Cholera Crisis in Haiti in Wake of Hurricane Matthew

October 7, 2016                  KUSI                                              International Relief Teams Assists Countries Affected by Hurricane Matthew

October 6, 2016                  CNN                                              How to help those affected by Hurricane Matthew

October 5, 2016                  CW6                                              Local non-profit helping in Haitian relief effort

October 4, 2016                  Times of San Diego                    SD-Based Charity Airlifting Medical Gear to Haiti Amid Hurricane Matthew

October 4, 2016                  KUSI                                              San Diego relief group sending aid to Haiti after hurricane hits

October 4, 2016                  KUSI                                              International Relief Teams Assists Countries Affected by Hurricane Matthew

October 4, 2016                  KOGO News Radio                     A San Diego Charity Helping Hurricane Victims

October 4, 2016                  CBS 8                                            Hurricane Matthew: San Diego sends relief to Haiti

September 23, 2016           PBS                                               Project Mercy

May 26, 2016                       Popsugar.                                    We must not ignore our neighbors in Mexico

May 8, 2016                         Times of San Diego                    San Diego Volunteers to Help Rebuild in New Jersey

May 8, 2016                         ABC 10                                          San Diegans head to New Jersey to rebuild homes destroyed, damaged in Superstorm Sandy

May 1, 2016                         Positive Impact Podcast             Stories - Inside Super Storm Sandy with Phyllis LoDuca

April 30, 2016                      Positive Impact Podcast             Disaster Relief - Barry La Forgia (IRT)

April 25, 2016                      Positivie Impact Podcast            Rebuilding Nepal: 1 Year Anniversary of the Nepal Earthquake

April 21, 2016                      CBS 8                                             Local charities work to rebuild school in Nepal

March 6, 2016                     Times of San Diego                     International Relief Team Heads to NJ to Repair Damaged Homes                       

May 13, 2015                      CW 6                                               San Diego-based relief org sending more supplies to Nepal

May 4, 2015                        CW 6                                               Local charity: How to help Nepal quake victims - the right way

May 1, 2015                         Times of San Diego                     Scripps Nurses Depart for Nepal to Aid in Recovery Efforts

May 1, 2015                         Fox 5                                              Scripps sends medical team to Nepal

May 1, 2015                         CW 6                                              San Diego's medical 'Top Guns' lend support in Nepal

April 28, 2015                      Fox 5                                              UCSD to hold vigil for Nepal quake victims

April 25, 2015                      PRI                                                 How to help Nepal: 10 vetted charities doing relief work following the earthquake

April 25, 2015                      KUSI News                                    Death toll in Nepal reahced 3,200 after earthquake and is expected to rise

April 2015                            CBS 8                                             Local relief efforts underway for Nepal earthquake in San Diego

August 9, 2014                   The San Diego Union-Tribune    Military families ready to go back to school

February 26, 2014              Rancho Santa Fe Review            Director of Mexican orphanage shares inspirtational stories with Rancho Santa Fe Rotarians    

August 16, 2013                  The Brogen Project                      International Relief Teams Tacle Poverty

November 12, 2013           CBS 8                                              USS Cowpens joining in Philippine relief operation

November 11, 2013           Fox 5                                              Local organizations help with relief effort in Philippines

November 18, 2012          CBS 8                                              Local relief volunteers return from Alabama

August 28, 2012                 CBS 8                                              San Diego teams stand by to aid in Isaac relief

August 27, 2012                 KUSI News                                     San Diego relief agencies prepare for Isaac

August 27, 2012                 CBS 8                                              San Diego relief agencies prepare for Tropical Strom Isaac

February 4, 2012                The San Diego Union-Tribune   Charity brings relief to the world

August 27, 2011                 ABC 10                                            Local Aid Groups Monitor Hurricane Irene

December 2, 2010              CW 6                                              UC San Diego Medical Center Haiti Relief

November 5, 2010             ABC 10                                           Local Volunteers Reach Katrina-damaged Mississippi to Help Rebuild

February 2, 2010              The San Diego Union-Tribune     Aid crews home from Haiti

January 25, 2010                ABC 10                                           Local Volunteers Making a Difference in Haiti

January 24, 2010               The San Diego Union-Tribune    REGION: Local relief teams reach Haiti

January 23, 2010               East County Magazine                 SD relief workers deliver lifesaving care in Haiti, provide eye-witness reports on tragedies and                                                                                                                  triumps

January 22, 2010               CNN                                                 What will your Haiti relief donation go towards?

January 17, 2010               San Diego Entertainer                  How San Diegan's can help the Haiti Relief Effort

January 16, 2010               The San Diego Union-Tribune    Local groups join relief effort

September 18, 2008         The San Diego Union-Tribune    REGION: Carlsbad physician helps hurricane victims

April 26, 2008                    The San Diego Union-Tribune    Navy vessels are set to embark on two humanitarian missions

September 17, 2007         The San Diego Union-Tribune    San Diego relief team heads to Gulf Coast

April 3, 2007                      The San Diego Union-Tribune    Local firefighters return from Katrina reconstruction effort

December 6, 2006            The San Diego Union-Tribune    One nail gun, one rotary saw and one huge family

March 5, 2006                     ABC 10                                           San Diego Construction Crew Heads to Katrina-ravaged Mississippi

March 2, 2006                    The San Diego Union-Tribune    Eight Vista firefighters to rebuild Katrina homes

March 1, 2006                    The San Diego Union-Tribune    Campaign planned to help rebuild in Gulf Coast

November 18, 2005          The San Diego Union-Tribune    Mississippi town considered for 'adoption'

October 2, 2005                 The San Diego Union-Tribune    Storm survivors touch lives of area caregivers

August 21, 2005                 The San Diego Union-Tribune    San Diego-area relief teams head to hurricane-racked south

June 19, 2004                      The San Diego Union-Tribune   Sheds provide a recovery tool