Building Homes in Tijuana

Many residents of San Diego’s sister city, Tijuana, live in poverty, without access to adequate food, shelter, medical care or educational opportunities. IRT is committed to helping our neighbors across the border. Since June 2015, IRT has partnered with Corazon and Project Mercy, local nonprofit organizations dedicated to building strong communities and promoting self-sufficiency in marginalized areas of Mexico. IRT volunteers are helping to change the lives of families by building homes and bringing stability and safety.

IRT builds homes in an informal settlement community called Colonia Fuentes del Valle. This settlement of 150 families is populated mostly by migrants, most from central Mexico, searching for better opportunities. The cost of living and low wages often leaves these families with insufficient funds to build houses. As a result, Fuentes del Valle has become a sea of rudimentary shelters built from scrap materials. These structures leave families exposed to the elements and vulnerable to disease.The community has no running water, sewage, electricity, schools, or social facilities. 

IRT sends teams of 25 volunteers to the community to build a 16 x 20 single-story home in just one day. IRT deployed 83 volunteers to build five houses in 2016. We plan to send six teams throughout 2017. 


WATCH: One family's life change in one day.


WATCH: a time lapse video of how we build a house in just one day:

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