What We Do

Founded in 1988, International Relief Teams is a top-rated nonprofit humanitarian organization dedicated to alleviating human suffering by providing health and other supportive services to victims of disaster, poverty and neglect, both internationally and domestically.

IRT has provided $6.5 million in volunteer services and $307 million in medicines and supplies to families in desperate need in 68 countries worldwide.

IRT specializes in two sets of complementary activities: disaster response and building healthy communities.

During disasters, IRT chooses appropriate responses to leverage donor resources for maximum impact, including deploying medical and reconstruction teams, providing supplies, and financing the restoration of infrastructure.

IRT has been actively involved in most major natural and man-made disasters since Hurricane Gilbert in 1988.

IRT also builds healthy communities through medical training programs; medical missions to low-income countries, including surgical and eyeglass teams; shipments of medicines to rural hospitals and clinics; and health, nutrition and education support for vulnerable populations.